Professor Hille Koskela was the leader of the project. Hille is interested in counter-surveillance, the emotional experience of being watched and the responsibilization of public to contribute in surveillance. In this project she focused specifically on surveillance-critical art works.

Liisa A. Mäkinen worked in the project as a postdoctoral researcher. Liisa is interested in everyday practices of surveillance, particularly the social, cultural and individual effects of constant gathering of personal information. Her background is in social sciences and her previous research has tackled home surveillance systems and webcams, gamification of surveillance, and urban space control in the context of graffiti.

Thomas Behrndt worked in the project as a PhD candidate. In his research he is interested in contemporary surveillance practices and in particular the socio-political implications of the automated character of surveillance. Thomas has completed both his BA and MA in International Relations at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and in his studies specialized in critical security studies.

Johanna Junnila worked in the project as a research assistant. She specialized in urban geography in her MSc and her master’s thesis built on data collected during our project.